13”rotor Specs using VBP aluminum hubs

NOTE* Installation of any component or kit should only be performed by persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of disk brake systems. It is the responsibility of the person installing any brake component or kit to determine the suitability of the component or kit for that particular application.

Corvette Engineering can help you outfit your C3 with 13 inch brakes. We do not stock the hubs and rotors as we are a small company with small volumes and do not get a discount from the Vette Brakes or Coleman. Therefore it is more cost effective to have the customer order the parts.

We do have a bracket available and it is a no cost option for any of our Front kits. If you already have one of our kits you can send in the old brackets ( assuming they are in good shape) and trade for the 13” brackets ( shipping extra of course).

This upgrade requires at least 17” wheels.

VBP’s aluminum hub is available bare, with no rotor this is the basis for a solid light weight 13” rotor system for the C3 Corvette. This coupled with the Talladega brake with the no cost 13” bracket upgrade make for one of the best Corvette brake systems on the market.

Aluminum hubs

Vette Brakes and Products


Part number

13758H ( ½” studs)

Cost (circa 2003 )

$189 ea

13” rotor ( 1 right handed, 1 left handed )

Coleman machine


Outside Diameter


Flange Diameter”


1 diameter


Bolt Size


Number of bolts


Bolt circle


Cost (circa 2003 )

$159 ea

13” rotor in a 17” wheel

Caliper side view with brake fluid recirculators ( not included )